Gerald Walusimbi S. Is the President of Jesus is the way,Truth and the Life Ministries International (JWTL), a large, ever expanding ministry whose headquarters are in Uganda, with operational ministries such as charity, hospital, prisons, refugees, television and radio among others.

He oversees the International school of Christian Growth (ISCG), a free bible school in Uganda with 24 training centers with over 2000 students. Over 700 are in Kampala main campus.

He is the senior Pastor of Jesus Christ Church (JCC), a non-denominational church with over 643 members in 5 branches in Uganda.

He is the Chairman of the Body of Christ Fellowship, a unique platform for pastors and Leaders from various churches and ministries.

For a decade, he has traveled to several countries with the mandate to make the Bible Truth known to all and help those in physical need.

Even after years, in God’s service his heart still passionate for those people struggling in life,due to their ignorance of the Truth in God’s Word and he is so passionate to raising unashamed workmen of Jesus Christ everywhere to change the way the church and world sees God.Thus,significantly appreciate the Gospel of Christ which unveils God’s love and grace for humanity.


As the president of International School of Christian Growth, Gerald believes in demonstrating a keen awareness of people’s needs by providing practical Biblical truths for everyday life. Modeling his ministry after the Apostle Paul’s message. Gerald’s direct quotation goes, “Iknow that: “… Life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by Christ Jesus – the work of teaching and testifying the gospel of God’s grace and love in truth. (Acts 20:24).