Our courses are designed for pastors, all church ministers and leaders as well as everyone interested.They offer the tools, knowledge and skills to fulfill your life mandate, build a strong and meaningful life, marriage, family,church, ministry, business, among as others as you reach and impact your community, precious lives and the world around you for Christ. We also know that correct knowledge of the truth and appropriate training is key to; – freedom, success and satisfaction,as well as any other experience in all, that pertains to life.

We Offer;      

  • Degrees
  • Diplomas
  • Certificates
  • Foundations.
  • All in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry and Leadership.


Our courses follow a cumulative order: without one stage accomplished youcan’t enroll for the next and they must be attended in their rightful order from 1 to 9.
1-4 Foundation5 Certificate6 Diploma | 7 Degree | 8 Masters| 9 PHD yet to start.


The time required to accomplish our highest stage is cumulative. From your first day in School all hours spent will add to your final required credit hours for all programs.

  • Foundation Program -4 months each stage. Total -16 months.
  • Certificate -8 months.
  • Diploma -12 months.
  • Degree – 12 months.
  • Total time required to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from ISCG is 48 months.


  • January
  • April
  • August


ISCG is a tuition free Bible College!

However, each student is required to contribute towards the printing of their certificates, transcripts, graduation ceremony and facilitation of a study Centre.

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